Sebre is a young company which develops the city through architecture and design. It brings new spaces into the world and revives existing ones for life and business.

Sebre’s heart is formed by its people, who combine respect for true quality with the courage to innovate. We try to give our efforts a clear direction and continuity, which is why even our houses are consistently created by a single architectural team led by Stanislav Fiala. And the other longstanding collaborators, suppliers, state institutions and residents of the cities where we are active are also our equal partners in a creative dialogue and an open deliberation.


We like to develop long-term collaborations with a small circle of individuals whom we consider to be exceptional in their fields. Personal and professional accord and the cultivation of trust mean that current projects run smoothly and new ones are easy to launch.

We collaborate intensively with Jiří Václavů, a leading expert in technical matters who – as chief engineer – is also the right-hand man of our architect, Stanislav Fiala. A no-less-important partner is Jan Žemlička of the company Zemlicka + Pruy Ingenieur-Planung GmbH, which specialises in the technical aspects of building interiors. In cases where our work ties in with existing protected monuments, we turn with confidence to Martin Pavala, our chief restorer, and Vít Mázlovský, an expert in the reconstruction and statics of historical edifices. We entrust the actual realisation of the architectural designs to the company Hinton a. s., which is our reliable general contractor.

The scale of cities and houses is important to us, but we also pay attention to smaller scales and details. We like to draw inspiration from new approaches in related fields as well, which is why we collaborate with the Ex Lovers studio in the area of graphic and web design.