Sebre is a young company which develops the city through architecture and design. It brings new spaces into the world and revives existing ones for life and business.

Sebre’s heart is formed by its people, who combine respect for true quality with the courage to innovate. We try to give our efforts a clear direction and continuity, which is why even our houses are consistently created by a single architectural team led by Stanislav Fiala. And the other longstanding collaborators, suppliers, state institutions and residents of the cities where we are active are also our equal partners in a creative dialogue and an open deliberation.

Stanislav Fiala

We collaborate with an architect who is close to us in his perception of urban space, approach to its development and conception of houses which sensibly tie in with the context in which they emerge. Architect Stanislav Fiala and his office have been wedded to Sebre since the start of its operations, and in every subsequent project we and the architect draw on the experience acquired during the creative process as well as in deliberations with the authorities and other parties involved in transforming the city. We are certain that this longstanding personal and professional dialogue with a single architect is also reflected in the elaboration of the houses we create together.

Typical of Stanislav Fiala’s work is for his new houses to tie in with the space in which they emerge without engaging in historicising or regressive enterprises. The magic of his structures consists in a meeting of the new and the original with a clear attempt to create a space that will inspire and – in the best sense of the word – surprise its residents.

Stanislav Fiala studied architecture at Czech Technical University and the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague, and was a partner at D. A. Studio for ten years during the 1990s. Since 1998, he has been a partner at D3A, and since 2009 at the company Fiala+Nemec. He is the author of extraordinary edifices around the world. Among his numerous award-winning projects are Golfklub Čertovo břemeno (Building of the Year 2011, Excellent Concrete Building 2011) and MUZO Centre – Praha (Finalist for the Mies van der Rohe Award 2001, Phaidon Atlas of Contemporary World Architecture 2005, City of Prague Award 2000, Building of the Year 2000).